This is what I remember, even if it didn’t happen
— Mark Twain

Welcome to Under The Dining Room Table, a family memoir and genealogy blog for the Caplan, Genstein, Gibbons, and Helf families.  Join in!  Explore, or read our Help Page to learn how to contribute.

Easy ways to explore Under The Dining Room Table

1. Start at the beginning or Start at the end. The articles (posts) in UDRT, like most blogs, are organized in REVERSE chronological order; scroll down to see older articles and click the Older Entries link to see the rest.   To read in CHRONOLOGICAL order from the beginning, start with this article about the Mother of Sarah Lederman Caplan, the earliest ancestor about whom we have information.  From there you can click the links at the top of the article to see the Previous or Next article.

2. Click on the Category links on the right-hand side of any page. Our contributors place their articles into one or more categories, like “Caplan”, etc.  To see summaries of the articles in a category, just click the appropriate link over there on the right, under the title “Categories”.

3. Explore the family tree.  Find somebody and click!

Morris Moishe Yitzchak Caplan == Sarah Kleban Caplan
  • Aaron Caplan == Sarah Lederman Caplan
    • Sam Caplan == Florence
      • Linda
      • Myrna
        • Ken
        • Samra
    • Isadore Caplan == Thelma
      • Aaron Caplan == Janet
      • Martin Caplan == Debbie
      • Terry Caplan
      • Sandy Caplan
    • Minnie (Caplan) Bleckman == Hyman Bleckman
      • Arna
      • Paula
      • Lynn
        • Ian
    • Abe Caplan == Betty Ruth (Gibbons) Caplan
      • Andrew Robert Caplan == Linda (Jaffee) Caplan
        • Emily Caplan
        • Aiden Asher Caplan
      • Martin William Caplan
      • Nancy FredelSarah (Caplan) Shapiro == Ross Shapiro
        • Emma Shapiro
  • Sam Caplan == Pearl (Perlman) Caplan  [See Perlman family, below]
  • Louis Caplan
    • Jerry Caplan
    • Rose Caplan
  • Willie Caplan
    • == Rose (1st wife)
      • Hilda (Caplan) Lipsman == Chuck Lipsman
      • Minnie (Caplan) Klein == Gene Klein
      • Clara (Caplan) Goldstein == Irv Goldstein
        • Morry Goldstein
        • Howard Goldstein
    • == Esther (2nd wife after Rose died)
      • Marcia (Caplan) Uram == Sid Uram
        • Randy Uram
        • Lisa Uram
  • Brunsie (Caplan) Zeidenstein == Hyman Zeidenstein
    • Caroline Zeidenstein (adopted)
  • Baruchie "Bertha" (Caplan) Silverman == Willie (Motell) Silverman
  • Rose (Caplan) Gerber == Joe Gerber
    • Abe Gerber
  • Ethel (Caplan) Kottler == Benny Kottler
    • Saul
    • Jennette
Perlman Family
  • Pearl (Perlman) Caplan == Sam Caplan
  • Oscar Perlman
  • Sam Perlman
  • Izzie Perlman
  • Hershel Perlman

Zeidenstein Family

* Max Zeidenstein

** George Zeidenstein

* Willie Zeidenstein

* Oskar Zeidenstein

** George “Sonny” Zeidenstein

** Diana “Dinsy” Zeidenstein

** Gertrude “Trudy” Zeidenstein


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