Sarah Lederman Caplan

Sarah Lederman Caplan had moved in with her husband’s family when they were married.  When Aaron left for America, Sarah was left behind with the baby Sam.  Sarah may have also had twins who died. But Sarah and the baby remained with Aaron’s family during those years that Aaron was gone.  She did not return


Zeidenstein, et al – Around the Dining Room Table

Before the kinder (children) could listen to stories from under the dining room table, first the derwakseners (adults) sat above.  In this undated photo — probably from the 1930’s or 1940’s — we see around the dining room table some of the Zeidensteins, Gerbers, Silvermans, Perlmans, and Caplans who had come from Russia in the

Pittsburgh’s Produce Yards – c1936

Aaron Caplan wore a suit, white shirt and tie every day to his store in the produce yards because he was the owner of the business, not just a laborer.  On May 1 every year, he bought a new straw hat and wore that all summer. _______________________________________________________ Part of the Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Produce Yards, c1936.