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Esther & William Caplan Anniversary – Around the Dining Room Table

Around the dining room table starting @7:00 — Ethel (Caplan) Kottler, Ben Kottler, Joe Gerber, Rose (Caplan) Gerber Pearl (Perlman) Caplan, Brunsie (Caplan) Zeidenstein, Hyman Zeidenstein Esther & William Caplan Morry Goldstein, Irv Goldstein, Clara Goldstein, Howard Goldstein Joe Dickter, Dickter

Zeidenstein, et al – Around the Dining Room Table

Before the kinder (children) could listen to stories from under the dining room table, first the derwakseners (adults) sat above.  In this undated photo — probably from the 1930’s or 1940’s — we see around the dining room table some of the Zeidensteins, Gerbers, Silvermans, Perlmans, and Caplans who had come from Russia in the