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Esther & William Caplan Anniversary – Around the Dining Room Table

Around the dining room table starting @7:00 — Ethel (Caplan) Kottler, Ben Kottler, Joe Gerber, Rose (Caplan) Gerber Pearl (Perlman) Caplan, Brunsie (Caplan) Zeidenstein, Hyman Zeidenstein Esther & William Caplan Morry Goldstein, Irv Goldstein, Clara Goldstein, Howard Goldstein Joe Dickter, Dickter

Zeidenstein, et al – Around the Dining Room Table

Before the kinder (children) could listen to stories from under the dining room table, first the derwakseners (adults) sat above.  In this undated photo — probably from the 1930’s or 1940’s — we see around the dining room table some of the Zeidensteins, Gerbers, Silvermans, Perlmans, and Caplans who had come from Russia in the

Morris & Sarah Caplan and Family, c1908

Our research tells us that this photograph was taken c1908, which would be before Sarah Lederman and Aaron Caplan were married (in 1910). Clockwise from left: Motell & Barucha Silverman Sam & Pearl (Perlman) Caplan Rose Caplan (Gerber) Sarah (Lederman) & Aaron Caplan Rose Cleban Martin Cleban Moisha Laeb Cleban Dora Cleban (Greenberg) Sarah Cleban