Who they were.  Where they came from.

Did Louis really belong to the Cossacks?

Did Aaron really pull out all his teeth?

We don’t really know if these stories were true.

But these are the stories Abe heard as a little boy.

Every Saturday evening after Shabbos everyone would gather at Bubbe and Zaidie’s house.  The whole family would be there — all the Aunts and Uncles, all the cousins, and all the extended family, including the Luntzmen who had come from Russia with them.

It was a pretty noisy evening, and after running around and playing with his cousins, he would be tired and would settle down under the dining room table as the old folks drank tea, ate kichel and pletzels.  These were cookies that Bubbe made.  All the Aunts made them too but they didn’t always come out the same.  They liked them good and hard to dip into the tea.  This is when old folks talked about old times.  This is where Abe heard the stories related here.

To read stories about the Caplans, click here.


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